AI Bid Writing: How AI is Transforming Bids

Discover how AI bid writing is revolutionizing the bidding process for companies, saving time, and improving efficiency. Explore the pros and cons of using ChatGPT in bid writing.

Jasper Cooper

September 3, 2023

Introduction to AI for Bid Writing

In the high-stakes arena of enterprise and government sales, time is not just money; it's the currency of opportunities won or lost.

We've all been there, on average bids take 32 hours to complete with a turnaround of 11 days. These timelines aren't just tight; they're often suffocating.

Between rummaging through past bids for relevant content and coordinating with multiple Subject Matter Experts who are just as tired from the repetitiveness as you are, the bidding process can be a bottleneck that no team wants to endure.

As someone who has led enterprise sales teams, I understand these pains intimately. That's why the advent of AI in bid writing is not just a technological evolution; it's a complete shift in how we approach the entire bidding process.

As CEO of, a company that created the World's First AI RFP Response engine and now provides a complete AI Bid Writing platform, we thought we would give some insight into this new phenomenon.

The following article'll explore how AI is changing the game for better, faster, and more efficient bids and proposals.

Everyone is already using ChatGPT's AI to Write Bids

If 2023 has shown us anything, AI is no longer a peripheral tool; it's becoming integral to our day-to-day work. ChatGPT is the most widely adopted to accelerate the bid-writing process.

I would say that most proposal teams are already using ChatGPT to generate high-quality responses and help with editing (even if in secret). There are several drawbacks, though, that, in my experience, can make it take even longer than not using AI.

Pros of Bid Writing with ChatGPT

Speed: When you're up against the clock, ChatGPT can generate text at a pace no human can match, buying your team precious time for review and fine-tuning.

Consistency: One of the challenges in coordinating with multiple SMEs is maintaining a unified tone and style. AI can churn out consistently on-brand content, making for a more cohesive bid.

Quality: In some cases, particularly for bland tenders, AI can write higher quality responses than some humans would be willing to, given the time constraints.

Cons of Bid Writing with ChatGPT

Nuance: While AI can generate text rapidly, it may lack the nuanced understanding from years of industry experience. It has a lot of general knowledge but generally limited understanding of your particular company and products.

Lack of specific knowledge: While the potential of AI to sift through previous bids in seconds is promising, ChatGPT doesn't have access to your proprietary knowledge or past bids. This means the heavy lifting of providing knowledge still rests on human shoulders. In many cases, this is the single largest time sink of the bid process, having to wade through previous responses looking for the right content to tweak.

Quality Control: AI-generated content still requires human oversight. The language model might misinterpret prompts, generating technically accurate content but contextually off-mark. This presents a real set of risks that need to be reviewed carefully.

Collaboration: ChatGPT can't allow easy collaboration across bids in large Excel and Word files, presenting yet another bottleneck to providing a high-quality bid response.

Automating Bid Writing with Specialised Bid Writing AI

As we journey through the evolving landscape of AI-enhanced bid writing, it's clear that the time for action is now. If you're wrestling with tight deadlines, repetitive questions, and complex bids, let's cut to the chase: You need more than a chatbot; you need a full-fledged solution.

That solution is Our platform isn't just another AI tool; it's specifically engineered to solve the unique challenges of bid writing. From pinpointing relevant content with AI search algorithms to continuous learning for company tone and product info, does it.

Remember, AI isn't here to replace human expertise but to augment it. bridges the gap between what AI can offer and what your sales team needs, making it not just a "nice-to-have" but an essential tool for maintaining a competitive edge.

AI Bid Writing Tools


Specialising in RFPs, Security Questionnaires, Technical Proposals and Bids for Technology Companies. Overview: is the World's First Generative AI solution to automate RFP and Security Questions. We partner globally to increase win rates, slash response times, and drive revenue.

Key Features:

AI-Powered Response Engine: Craft a complete draft response within seconds, drawing upon your past projects. Supports customisation of tone and structure for a tailor-fit reply.

Intelligent Reviewer: Receive a numerical score between 0-100, along with constructive advice on enhancing the quality of your responses.

Efficient Content Management: Say goodbye to drawn-out review cycles for your content library. Our system flags outdated information, allowing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to update it in real time.

Collaborative: Set editors and reviewers to each response and work actively with AI and your colleagues to produce the best answer.

Speedy Hyper Editor: Built for quick navigation, our editor reduces clicks by 50% compared to competitors. Keyboard shortcuts let you zip through the editing process up to 5x faster.

Book Demo / Proof of Concept offers a quick 30-minute demo so you can see the solution working. We also provide a Proof of Concept to see if the solution works for you.

2. DeepRFP

Specialising in Go/No Go Descions, analysis and Writing long-form bids and proposals.

DeepRFP Overview:

DeepRFP is an AI-powered suite designed to automate tedious tasks in the RFP (Request for Proposals) and bidding process. The platform focuses on streamlining activities that don't necessarily contribute to winning proposals but take time.

Key Features:

Analysing RFPs: Reviews RFPs at scale, supporting bid/no-bid decisions by identifying red flags, critical criteria, and potential competitors' influence.

Managing Proposals: Automatically builds proposal management documents, such as compliance matrices and templates.

Writing Proposals: Aids in drafting responses quickly, automating bottlenecks like summaries, edits, style, and acronyms.

Custom AI Tools: Provides tailor-made AI solutions that can be trained on proprietary data, offering a competitive edge in proposal creation.


Specialising in Fundraising Proposals and Grant Bids

Fundwriter Overview is your AI-powered fundraising assistant designed to take the hassle out of grant writing and donor communications for nonprofit organisations. This intelligent tool leverages artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content, from donor emails and appeals to full-fledged grant proposals.

Key Features:

High-Speed Drafting: Instantly produce drafts for appeals, grant proposals, emails, social posts, and more, freeing you to focus on building relationships with supporters.

30+ Writing Models: Equipped with over 30 writing models tailored for nonprofit fundraising. Draft personalised thank-you letters, segmented appeals, quick social media posts, and more.

Dynamic Project Creation: Enter your mission statement and critical details to initiate a new project. Choose a writing model, fill out essential information, and watch Fundwriter generate quality drafts in seconds.

User-Friendly Editor: Easily add your unique touch to generated drafts or integrate them into more significant documents, making your writing process seamless and fast.

Getting Started with AI for Bid Writing

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