ChatGPT, Sales Coach and Researcher

Embrace the future of sales and gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of ChatGPT in your sales strategy. In this article, we explore how ChatGPT can enhance your sales approach by serving as an expert AI sales coach, a resourceful analyst, and a skillful copywriter. Discover the unique use cases, tips, and techniques that will help you accelerate your success. Don't get left behind – learn how to leverage ChatGPT to drive exponential growth and dominate your competition.

Jasper Cooper

April 29, 2023

Your Expert AI Sales Coach

Sales are more competitive than ever before. If you're not using the latest and most innovative tools to win deals, your competitors will. The most cutting-edge tool currently available is ChatGPT. In this article, we'll explore some unique use cases that haven't been widely discussed online.

1. Sales Dojo / Objection Roleplay

This is my favorite application so far. So, ChatGPT allows you to simulate buyer conversations for any scenario, enabling you to practice handling objections in real-time and even roleplay with "real" people (although it may feel a bit uncanny). This provides a fast and efficient method for working through specific examples with particular prospects. In many instances, you can specify the role and name of the person you might be speaking to and the specific objection you expect them to raise. ChatGPT will understand how they would present the objection based on all available data, such as their LinkedIn profile and news articles.

Example prompt:

  • "Pretend you are a [insert role] at [insert company] concerned about [insert objection]. Provide just one objection at a time as if it's a conversation during a meeting, so I can respond to each." 

After a back-and-forth exchange, you can even ask, "How would I improve on this objection handling in the future? Give me a score from 1 to 100 and provide an explanation."

It’s like interactive target practice for sales, really not possible anywhere else. I have found this more useful than even sparring with other salespeople because of its ability to give specific ways to improve and be nearly impartial. 

2. AI Objection Analysis

Beyond roleplaying, you can share common objections encountered during sales and ask ChatGPT to analyze them, identifying the specific underlying concerns and counterarguments.

Example prompt:

  • "Analyse the objection 'We're concerned about the learning curve associated with adopting a new system.' What are the underlying concerns, and how can I address them?" 

This analysis will help you understand and respond to objections more effectively. This will give you a breakdown of all of the more tangible elements of an objection and give you specific examples of ways that they can be resolved. Allowing you to address them before they are even raised.

3. Call & Demo Script Refinement: 

Share your current demo script with ChatGPT and ask for suggestions on how to improve it. 

Example prompt:

  • "Review the following demo script and provide suggestions for improvement: [Insert demo script]." 

The AI will provide feedback on structure, flow, and messaging, helping you deliver a more compelling demo. Even just doing this every once in a while can give you a new perspective on your scripts/playbooks to ensure you're continuously improving them

Your Insightful AI Sales Researcher

1. Prospect Research

ChatGPT can help you gather information about prospects, such as their company size, industry, company history, and future aspirations. This information can help you tailor your sales approach and better understand your prospect's needs. The best part about it is the summaries it has given me have been genuinely insightful. I even ran some accounts I worked with for years back through it and it brought up details that took me months to have the time to understand (e.g. mergers and company structuring). 

Example prompt:

  • “Research [Company Name] and provide a brief overview, including their industry and company size. Put together any other interesting facts about their company history or future goals I could use to build rapport. Also, add relevant details about the companies ownership where known”

2. Competitor Analysis

ChatGPT has most likely read all of your competitor's reviews and blog articles. So ask it what it thinks about your competitors and get it synthesized into a digestible format.

Example prompt:

  • "Provide a brief analysis of our main competitor, XYZ Company, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses." 

With this information, you'll be better equipped to position your products/services effectively against competitors. ChatGPT has most likely read every single one of your competitor's reviews as well as understood all of their unique value propositions so simply asking it for Strengths and Weaknesses can expose new angles that you might have never thought to target. 

3. Proposal Writing

See our guide on Automate Winning Proposals with ChatGPT.


In today's competitive sales world, using advanced tools like ChatGPT is crucial to stay ahead. As your AI sales coach, analyst, and copywriter, ChatGPT helps you practice objection handling, refine sales scripts, analyze competitors, research prospects, and create engaging content. Get onboard and gain an unparalleled competitive edge. The future of sales is here with Generative AI, so seize the moment and outperform your competition.

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